The fountain is running properly but the water is coming out uneven from the spout.
You may need to level out the fountain. You can do this by placing a thin piece of cardboard on one side of the fountain.
How do I clean the fountain bowls?
Wipe clean with a rag. Do not scrub. Do not use bleach or other harsh cleansers.
Why does my battery door have a hole in the corner?
This is to allow for a cord for an optional solar remote comtrol.
My fountain was running fine. Today I turned it on and it runs for a few minutes but then turns off.
It is time to charge the battery.
I have charged the battery for 12-14 hours and the light won’t go off.
The battery will be charged. Put it back into the fountain and run it.
I live in a cold environment. Can I leave the fountain outside during the winter?
During the cold winter months it is a good idea to store away the fountain. First, charge the battery completely. Store the fountain and battery in a cool, dry place away from heat.
When I turn my fountain on I can hear the pump running, but water is not flowing from my fountain, why?
This issue is usually caused by an air bubble inside of the water pump, making the pump unable to push water up through the feeder tube inside the fountain bowl. To easily remedy this issue, turn your fountain off and try grabbing each side of the large bowl and gently agitate the fountain in a slow circular motion. This should force water to move through the vents on the side of the water pump and get rid of any air bubbles that could be preventing the water from flowing freely. While doing this you should hear the water pump inside the fountain bowl move inside. After doing this for a few seconds, turn your fountain back on. If this does not work, you may need to reconnect the water pump and try the priming instructions here.
Where are the fountain spouts located for my 5-Series Fountain?
You will find the included dancing water fountain spouts for your 5-Series fountain stacked in a tube. Click here to view an image.
I purchased bronze finished fountain, why are there silver specks in the finish?
No need to worry, this is completely normal! Each fountain created by Bernini Fountain Company is hand finished during production making each fountain as unique as Bernini Fountain company's customers. Because of these differences in finishes, you may notice some specks of color that may or may not be visible on the same type of Bernini Fountain.
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